20.01FA Happy New Year

Hello 2020

މVN Happy New Year!!

How is / How was your New Year's Day?  This year we are going to have the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo.
Last year we had the Rugby World Cup in Japan and everyone became very excited.  What kinds of excitement will come to us this year?

The stage is set to be the new Japan National Stadium, and that stadium was completed last December.  Of course this news has been celebrated by many media outlets, but how do you feel or what do you think about this structure? It is great that the big project is finished, but to tell the truth, I am disappointed by that architecture.

Huge and heavy, the figure of this stadium reminds me of some of the criticisms given at the time of its design review, and Zaha's fluidly and lively dynamic design (which was shrunken after re-adaptation for budget) came to my brain.  I wished I could see that!

Additionally, I have to say one thing about the timely program "Idaten" on NHK, where the Old National Stadium re-appeared vividly.  The video technique was amazing, and also, the beautiful characteristics of the architecture, which has an energetic and lively feeling, were integrated in the refined and stoic design. We could see those aspects in the model that appeared in the "Idaten" story.

One of the features of this new stadium is wood from all over Japan.  And while we appreciate that it was gathered from our 47 prefectures, we were also questioning the combination of a wood and steal frame.  And in the end, our anxiety remains.

Those results are due to the difficulty of this national project, but it is truly a shame because this architecture should have been the integration of our wisdom.

Well now I recognize that perhaps my writing topic is not a good fit for New Year's Day, so let's turn to another....

This stadium was built under the concept of "Athlete First," so many ideas and skills are included which are invisible from outside.
I really hope every athlete, especially middle or high school athletes, will do their best in this finely conditioned venue, and will give us so much excitement!
This is the biggest event that we share once every four years: I can't wait for it!

Please drop in here sometimes, in this year too.