Happy New Year 2019

Best wishes to you for the New Year 2019.
At first I want to say sorry for being late in updating my website

Now the decades of "HEISEI" will be finished and the New Gengou era will start from May of this year; my office also faces this turning point and will restart with a new mentality.
At every New Year, many things turn around in my brain.  This year, it is a little bit exaggerated maybe,
 I am fixated on a new sense of design.
That is: how to think about "nature." 

So far, I have distinguished between "nature" and the artificiality of "architecture," and after that, the "environment," which includes both of them.
But now, as we don't need to demolish nature to build up new towns, people, especially young generations, think of their "environment" unconsciously, without differentiating those aspects.

It might be clearer to replace the word "nature" with "land."  
New construction is in the field of "architecture: artificial" though, so when we think of that together with “land” as "environment," every construction is actually a renovation.

To put something new on what exists now and proceed to be better: I think the recent boom of renovation stands on that understanding.

The idea for the shopping street or a vacant house, that's the solution of "architecture: artificial," and the theme of the idea is to rebuild the common consciousness.

Even the idea for one private house must be one that is not limited to the site's boundary and seeks how to connect with its neighborhood or surroundings.

As we cannot monopolize "nature", "architecture: artificial" must become more available, and both of these areas have to get new publicity.

I felt, to think about "environment" in this sense opens great possibilities at the beginning of this year. 

I hope you will support my website this year too-
Yoroshiku Onegai Shimas.