20.06FDon't let your guard down

Corona: The Continuation.

Every day, morning, afternoon, and evening, when I turn on the TV, every news story is about Corona.  I am not infected by it, but my brain is occupied by it.
It had begun from one area far away from here, but it has been spreading so quickly.  Indeed, the earth is one unit.

We don't have such breadth, actually: our life circumstances are connected to the City, Town, House and Room.
I didn’t feel this about circumstance-continuity while living in the city area, but after I moved to the suburbs two years ago, and started to go back and forth to the city, I started to notice.  And now, even more so, corona has cut my life with the city and meeting with people, and I really feel the importance of those.  Because of Corona, people's social lives, going out to the office, school, or shopping have all been disturbed.  That amounts to a closure of people's communications.

But our civilization runs ahead. For a long time now, IT and ICT have been developing, so that now, at this moment, those technologies are supported by tremendous numbers of people, and have amassed great popularity. 

We can meet people who are far from here by one hand and telework or attend online classes, and step by step we are recovering to the former life.
So far, IT Technology was a kind of future-forecasting or merely some “plus alpha” aspect of added value to our life, but now it is realized as the fundamental base, and life with IT has been declared as the new life style for us.

Well, do you think so?

I can say we discovered many things from this Corona-emergency.
Desks in the office were a given before, but not necessary now; listening to what teachers say in school is possible by video.
Corona taught us that we are captured by formal common sense, and I never knew not going to a favorite restaurant would rob the people who work there of their lives.
Our society is tangled in complicated and precise ways.
Every time we've had a big natural disaster, I've wanted the strong society, and yet this time I felt just "weakness," and that is a huge shame.
I really want some effective medicine: and this is yet another emergency situation where fundamental and innovative ideas are wanted.
Well, in any case, we have many experiences in our life.......