20.05FIt doesn’t seem to be ending…

Video Conference App

Spring time, when cherry blossoms bloom: it's the time of new beginnings, but this year such an exciting mood has been crushed by corona-virus.
Sorry to say such a bad word but, "fucking corona!" I feel something like this.

Telework in offices, online class in schools… many people look so busy preparing for these while watching and checking how long this situation will go on.

As a person who is a bit behind in information technology…
I admired the TV-conferences in big companies and visual phone-calling by iPhone or Skype, and I didn't mind leaving those as someone else's affairs.  But this time I cannot avoid being involved.   

Architecture, it has been mentioned often, is a co-working of three persons: the client, architect, and constructor.  Actually, not only those three, but many, many people then gathers to build it up.

It is comprehensible that telework “works” well up until the design stage, but still it is indispensable, not only to talk with words, but to have real time-communication with drawings and documents. 

How will construction do it?  Robots or 3D-Printers , used to seem like we were kidding ourselves, but are starting to feel realE

Work and school: both of these have resulted in the cooperative work of people-gathering, and though telephone, e-mail, and IT-tools are quite innovative, they are usually just secondary. 

Now, such thought is getting overturned.  What should we do when we cannot meet together?  This might sound like the big mouth of an inferior student, but it looks like one big social experiment is starting.

This might be the first step for a beginner; I am studying a video conference application now. The word "conference" may make us misunderstand- it's not only a method for talking with faces visible, but it has a great possibility to re-construct physical communication as we know it.  It can be said that it's another type of architecture (social system).

It was admirable to see a video of people playing one piece of music, even though each of them were staying in different countries or places.
But without meeting, is it real communication?
I cannot figure it out and it irritates me.