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Wood Wool Board (木毛セメント板)

Recently there's one material I'm likely to use in my work, and that is Wood Wool Board (also commonly called Cemented Excelsior Board).  This board used to be used as a backing-board for finishes, and we could see it only in commercial interior finishes, like in shops or restaurants; but if my clients allow, I wish to use it in my housing projects.

My choices are the pre-painted board and the TS Board produced by “T.” Company.
Normal product boards are not good for interior-finishes due to their color and surface, so they are often painted at the construction site.  However, this is not a good way for me because the spaces (openings between the particles) are then completely filled by the paint.

I'm not particular about the added benefits of sound absorption or heat insulation, but for me, the pre-painted boards, with their spaces remaining, look more suitable.

TS-Boards are attractive for their hard-looking and noble grey color.  When we look at them from some distance away, they look as if they are a kind of natural stone, and give us a sense of stable existence, even though the structure is made of wood. 


I think both boards are well-suited to a tough or rough interior, but my focal point is how to choose the best screws. 
Of course board joints should be cared for, so as not to cause unwanted gaps due to shrinkage, but the head of the screw- that's more important.

I have been trying to find the best screw for each project (as you can see in the sample pictures above), but I haven't found it yet.
Instead, I got unexpected knowledge about screws.
The details of architecture… Indeed, what a deep world!