1912 Now it’s the season when teachers run. 

Shuri Castle

It was very painful news that Shuri-castle in Okinawa burned down.
As it is the symbol of the Ryukyu Nation (Okinawa), we feel great sadness about this.  
Of course many restoration efforts have already started; one of them is "Shuri Castle Digital Reconstruction."

It is a remarkable project for me for the three following points:

1. Digital Technology
The team is gathering many pictures of Shuri-jyo (Shuri Castle) now, and they are making a model from those pictures.  I guess those pictures are just snaps from tourists, but they can serve to assist in generating that model.  It's amazing.

2. Worldwide Collaboration
The team members were gathered from many countries.  I don't know about this project's proceedings: how they share the work, or how they communicate with each other.  There must be some platform for meeting; that's why it's possible to unite their volunteer will and opinion.  This prospect of using IT for such a purpose is admirable. 

3. Quickness to take Action
In any case, their movement to action was so fast.  I cannot explain the precise time schedule, but almost at the same time as we were hearing and seeing the big news from TV and other media, it had begun.  Maybe at the time of the first news casting, one member had already moved.  This is the same as the volunteering that happened after several recent big disasters.  Admirable.

Of course I would also want to help them if I could, but my pictures are no longer in my computer.  So, I just pray for the success of this project, and I really want to see the wholehearted model they have made.

And one more thing about this fire...
The cause of the fire seems to be due to the oldness of the electric cords.  Electricity is a sub-facility of architecture.   The main structure of Shuri-Castle was certainly strong, but it burned down because of this sub-elemental reason.  It's a shock for me.

Well now, it’s already the last month of the year.  Too fast!
I say thank you for reading this blog and, it's a little bit early to say but, I hope you will have a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!